The Destruction and Rebuilding of Myself through Yoga School.

When you think of a, “yogi”, you probably stereotype him/her, as someone extremely open minded and easy going. So did I! Well…, was I wrong. Just as I had to learn the hard way about the pharmaceutical industry by working at actual pharmacies, things aren’t always as they seem! I had an epiphany during my intense immersion into Yoga Teacher Training. From the very first day of discussion, I quickly came to realize that these would be a Long and Challenging few months of yoga-filled 12 hour days. My pure intention when I commited to this “retreat”, was to gain the factual information I’d need in order to share the best version of my yoga practice with my future students. I quickly realized that yoga schools are not uniform in their teaching; nor do they follow a strict curriculum you’d expect from your local college. In one way, it sounds fantastic, for those who have an adversion to organization and memorization. However, I like structure, and facts that add up. Well, let’s just say that I had to bite my tongue more than a few times and-at others-my opinion wasn’t warranted. I didn’t take it personally, in fact I kept my composure and refrained from sharing anything I didn’t find absolutely necessary. If anything, the fear of being socially shunned from the yoga community could’ve completely paralyzed me. However, when most people attend a yoga class, they are seeking acceptance and openness, and I wasn’t going to let anything change that mission for me. Whether it’s esoteric knowledge or not, there are those who you just can’t shake. The constant inner battle with myself and outer debate with my instructor who could revoke my license wasn’t the least bit “comfortable”. I kept reminding myself that being “uncomfortable” creates room for growth, even if others weren’t willing to compromise. People get so used to questioning others, they lose their sense of receptivity. I am satisfied with one sure thing; I made an impact on others and I kept my own values and opinions, in spite of others’ fears of speaking up- and hoorah I’m still a licensed yoga teacher!

Despite contrary belief, I could easily skim through the murky waters and rise above collective complacency. I, in no means, speak in vain about this school or it’s volunteers. In fact, the takeaway was Very Postive and a Eye-Opening¬†for me. I might’ve questioned everything I believed in, but came out alive and stronger than ever. So, I gathered ¬†all of the data on the; anatomy and physiology of yoga poses, bodily functions, body structure, medical terms, meditation, chakras, reiki-energy healing, mental and emotional wellbeing, inner awareness, and basic self care and took what I needed to conclude my own mission statement for my fellow yoga students.
I am grateful for my strong cultural background, education, and inner strength. I pray that each person that volunteers to immerse themselves in such training, evolves into a unique version of the yoga teacher they aspire to be. We all have the answers and wisdom within us. It is up to ourself to dicipher what to use and how we will utilize it in our life and when impacting others’ life.

Much love,


Patricia Edwards.

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Namaste and God Bless!


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