Hi and Welcome to Expression is Connection! E.I.C Platform

This is where we can share knowledge and you can inquire for, private or group Yoga sessions with me, which can encompass; Meditation, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vynasana, Reiki, Chakra, Yin, Restorative, Life-Management, Goal-Executing Food Nutrition, Strength, Endurance etc..,

First, let’s talk a little about myself;

I am an, ambitious, reserved, and motivated, knowledge-seeker. I strongly believe in exercising self-mastery. I, personally, strive to better myself, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually-everyday!

Before the age of 20, I had worked for various pharmacies and insurance companies, married my husband, moved cities, and had my first very own child! I have been very blessed but, nevertheless, raised to be an independent and strong woman like my mother. Regardless, nothing could prepare me for what I would face in my young adult years. Anyway, since then, I’ve also been a college student, Yoga Teacher, and gave birth to my second child! I have protected my love of learning and sports along the journey. I usually run outside, (double win), with my children racing me-a lot of the time. My husband and I are super competitive when it comes to tennis, basketball, and- you name it! Haha. I love spending time with the-(many!) members of my family and friends very much.

I have a Mexican mother, English father and am American myself. I have learned a lot along the way, some through the good ol’ conventional wisdom stories from elders, some through experience, (AKA-the hard way), and much more through self-driven research.

I want to empower YOU to be a leader in your community by gaining the bravery and knowledge to lead a bold life that can turn pain into gain, and finally, like Meryl Streep says, “turn your broken heart into art!”.
For Yoga Group or Private Lessons email
EICPLATFORM@gmail.com and make sure to follow my Facebook Yoga with Patricia and IG @yogicexpressive for live updates! Remember Expression is Connection!